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Sunday, February 01, 2015

Anthony Bragalia announces the Kodak/alien slides presentation

Mr. Bragalia has a posting at Kevin Randle's blog wherein he, Anthony Bragalia, writes that Tom Carey and Don Schmitt will host a presentation on May 5th, 2014 [sic] -- he meant to write 2015 I bet -- about the Kodak slides we have belabored here for over a year now.

CDA has already lampooned the posting, in a comment, as it, Mr. Bragalia's optimistic rendering, is over-the-top as usual with him.

But go to Mr. Randle's blog for the announcement.

It's interesting but as Paul Kimball mentioned in the Greg Bishop Radio Misterioso podcast, provided here the other day, the main problem -- there are many -- is that Tom Carey and Don Schmitt are involved.

Both men have dicey reputations in the UFO community and among news media.

Anyway, take a look at the announcement and make your views known there, or here.


Saturday, January 31, 2015

ETs would be advanced beings wouldn't they?

While reading Marvin Minsky’s The Society of Mind [Simon and Schuster, NY, 1985/1986] to offer the view that machines can evolve to produce “damage,” I ended up inside the book shown here, essays from cognitive scientists about the evolution of the mind.

This caused me to reflect on the UFO events I like: sightings where beings are seen and interacting with the observer or the environment.

If an advanced species have arrived and continue to arrive here at Earth, one would not expect them to engage in the activities that witnesses have outlined or reported.
One has to presume that a species able to navigate interstellar space to reach Earth would have mental abilities of an advanced kind.

This would seem to intercept the idea(s) that UFO travelers would pick up flora and fauna in such a haphazard way or mingle with this planet’s population is such silly manners as reported by witnesses.

An advanced mind would behave in ways that appear rational and not in the often clownish or mischievous ways that witnesses have provided.
Unless the species were inherently defective mentally, which would belie their ability to traverse the galaxy or universe as ET believers propose.

This seems to augment the conjecture that witnesses were projecting their own interpretation of extraterrestrial behavior on an hallucination they had.

Even UFO sightings of lights or things in the sky are irrational, if those lights or things were piloted by advanced beings.

The maneuvers and trajectories (flight patterns) are irrational, even dangerous.

But the creature sightings are what one would not expect from an advanced thinking species, unless created beings, universally, are inherently insane, as seems to be the case here with our own humanity.


Pythagorean Ufology

It is clear to any sensible (sane) person that the past and current approach to understanding the UFO phenomenon has been and is flawed.

The mystery of UFOs remains unresolved because the persons studying it are not intellectually astute enough (or at all) to give the phenomenon the full inquiry it needs.

Donald Keyhoe was enamored of the military’s alleged cover-ups of sightings, but only that.

Jerry Clark has the best overview of the UFO as a topic but he understands it from the historical perspective particularly.

Stanton Friedman understands it from a physicist’s perspective.

Michael Salla fixates on the deviousness of government agents and agencies.

The accumulation of data (sightings and related reports) continue, but that data (as a singularity) is not being examined by “ufologists; they can barely keep up with the information culled from the past and coming in everyday unabated.

Ruminations over past UFO episodes provide the pretense that some are studying the phenomenon in serious ways.

Martin Shough, Larry Hatch, Wendy Connors, and a multiple of other UFO’s lesser lights regurgitate and re-dice UFO incidents, trying to leave the impression that they are dealing with the enigma scientifically, seriously.

But the inherent deficiencies of the people and the UFO studies aside, what is to be done with the present state of “ufology”?

The study of UFOs has to be conducted in “secrecy” and by that we mean, away from the debunkers, hoaxers, self-aggrandizers, pretenders-to-the-throne, those with an agenda, those who nit-pick errant but non-essential minutiae, those who are moronic, and those who think reality is limited to what the six senses perceive.

Pythagoras created a secret order for the very reasons enumerated above. He wanted to study philosophical/physical reality away from the ignorant mob, which also included those in his society who thought they were erudite about the meaning(s) of it all.

This is what Jacques Vallee has done, and Joe Firmage too.

This what has to be done, just to escape the gathered and gathering garbage under the rubric of “ufology.”

RR [From the RRRGroup blog, 2006]

The Glitch in Historical Methodology

The History Channel continues to run pieces on the UFO alien presence in early historical accounts (The Bible, The Mahabharata, Egyptian hieroglyphics, etc.).

But the Channel’s use of an “historian” (who shall remain nameless here) insists that historical witnesses either misunderstood their experience or elaborated upon them in imaginary ways. That’s the historical glitch.

One can’t attribute to early writers (those who documented various events) the mind-set of contemporary writers (including historians); writers who do infuse accounts with personal spin or imaginary ramblings.

Early writers, devoid of the Machiavellian need to fudge facts, reported what they saw and heard exactly as they saw and heard things.

The Channel’s resident “historian” for example said that Ezekiel (in the Hebrew Bible) didn’t see a strange craft as he, Ezekiel, reported but, rather, came across a strange tribe and mistook their masks and movements for the creatures that manned the wheel-in-a-wheel vehicle described by him (Ezekiel) in Ezekiel 1:4 ff.

Early writers didn’t have an agenda. Ezekiel didn’t take his “vision” and use it to further the Hebrew cause. He merely recounted the strange event, and that was it. Besides, the episode was so bizarre that it couldn’t be used in any practical or propagandistic manner.

Medieval accounts of strange objects seen over Zurich or Europe, apparently in contention or pretending to be so, don’t allow for insertion in any imaginary tale or any purposeful writing. To what end are the accounts due? None. They merely are.

The imputation that early writers lied or were mistaken or had an agenda is applying, anachronistically, motivations that are “modern” in nature.

When the column(s) of light and/or fire guided Moses and the Hebrews in the wilderness, the apparitions were described in Exodus as they appeared, not as they were imagined (as they are hardly imaginary in the literary sense) or mis-visioned. The guiding  manifestations were as they were described. The writer(s) of Exodus made up nothing in their accounts of what they saw or experienced. They may have attributed the guiding elements to God, but the description of that God was as it was, unadorned and rather mundane actually. This makes the documentation appear to be real, not creative or bogus.

Early accounts of unusual events (UFO sightings, monsters, a risen God) have to be taken at face-value, without the imposition of modern attributes: lying, deceit, vivid (neurotic) imagination, and propagandistic thrusts to further a cause.

Historians need to empathize with that and those whom they a studying, and not malign that and those with a modern projection that is marred by the human flaws that have crept in to writing and history, life in general. That’s not how it was way back when…

RR [From the RRRGroup blog, 2005]

Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Zorgy Awards

Paul Kimball has provided his annual (again) Zorgy awards: the best in Ufology, the Paranormal, and related subjects.

Paul presented the awards on Greg Bishop's Radio Misterioso "podcast" along with Professor Aaron Gulyas.

The fellows discuss people in the fringe communities and their successes (and failures) in a 2 1/2 hour broadcast with interesting asides and insights about those with whom we commiserate about things odd and paranormal.

I get a mention, as does the Anomalist, Lance Moody, Nick Redfern, and Anthony Bragalia and many others in the field of the strange. (Even the Kodak/Roswell "alien slides" get worked over -- at the 1 1/2 hour slot).

Click HERE to access the program (and sit through the opening muddle and intro -- it's annoying but worth the "pain" to get to the meat).

[And I liked the Buchanan Brothers' end song]


Now Bill Gates joins Elon Musk and others in a concern about computers and Artificial Intelligence


The Invisible Universe


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Gösta Carlsson UFO incident of "1946" (from Jose Antonio Caravaca)

Eminent Swedish UFO researcher Clas Svahn has investigated and written a book about a fascinating UFO tale told by a notable business person in Sweden. 

The story can be found HERE (at one of our blogs). 

The story reminds me of the Dworshak UFO story I provided recently. The incident allegedly took place in 1946 but came to light from Mr. Carlsson in 1971.

Gösta Carlsson 1918-2003

By Clas Svahn
The first time I met Gösta Carlsson was on 6 August 1987. Then I had written and telephoned, nagging and explained why I wanted to meet him in several months. Gösta Carlsson was a Swedish icon within ufology. His encounter with a craft landed in a clearing outside of Ängelholm 18 May 1946 was legendary. It was mentioned in most ufoböcker and everyone knew his story. But no one had previously given the time to try to investigate the circumstances surrounding the incident.

When we met in his villa in the southern outskirts of Ängelholm I a large man with a firm handshake. One who was used to being åtlydd and listened to, and that might not always gave the answers to my questions as I wanted. This is our first meeting would be the beginning of something that grew into a friendship and mutual respect between us. And 1995 resulted in a joint book titled "Meeting in the Glade".

Gösta Carlsson was born in 1918 in the small village of Skörpinge just outside of Ängelholm in Charles XII's death on 30 november. He was number three in a sibling group consisting of two older sisters, Dagmar and Elsa and the younger brother Eric. Dad was Carl Johan shoe traders but also a skilled Shoemaker who was the art of handtillverka the most suitable boots. But he was also a successful beekeeper, albeit on a small scale, a very important detail to at that time live for a family. For beekeeping quickly became a passion, Gösta and already as a six year old, in 1924, he got his first cup of Dad. A swarm of bees which left one of the stranded father hives became Toji first own project. But already the second day came Gösta too close to the hive and got stung in the thumb. Another attempt a week later gave the same shameful results. After a lot of comfort and a little persuasion decided Gösta to give the bees a chance to. "Hang in there, you soon becomes immune," said his father's advice.

The Villa at Hälsingborgsvägen became a focal point for the area's young people who love to come there and played cards or made plans for upcoming football games. It often became the talk of sports and Carl Johan Carlsson always encouraged young people.

But it was hard times of poverty and distress in the early 1930s. On the roads around Ängelholm trains unemployed about to beg for a piece of food of peasants. Every now and then stopped a few more for a cup of coffee with the Carlsson who also had the pinched, even if we always had food on the table. For Carl Johan, and Emma was the children's future is more important, and even though the money is not always handed to all four siblings were given the opportunity to go to school. Gösta's older sister passed both to take the student and undergo business school, brother Eric took the degree in engineering in Gothenburg and youngest sister trained as a cashier and later became an accomplished amateur photographer active in Ängelholm photo Club.All four made their real degree at Ängelholms samrealskola.

Gösta himself was never something skolljus. The lessons were a plague, and the grades are mediocre.Instead devoted himself to the young Gösta Carlsson about bird studies and sport, two interests came to lie him very close to my heart for life. After all he real degree albeit with poor grades-12 B (approved) by seventeen topics and C in mathematics spoke their language. It was the spring of 1934. The future seemed not very hopeful. His first job was in the Kattarps general store where he biked every day. And it was on the way there, he passed the dam in Rögle and bigeye saw bandy Club to train or play the game. Gösta gladly stayed and watched. He was attracted by the quick game, but an equal amount of camaraderie and team spirit. After military service as a student at the Royal command Hallands regemente, 16, he was close to choosing the military runway. the years between 1939 and 1941 the infantry gave a taste, tooth, especially as the family had a long military tradition. Gösta got on well with life in uniform and also had the opportunity to engage in both boxing and weightlifting. But he changed his mind in order to instead start at Statens järnvägar in Angelholm, where he eventually advanced to dispatchers. A service that he enjoyed and had in ten years. Mid summer 1945 married Judith and Esther in Raising Church and two years later was born a daughter, Yvonne.

In his spare time, he often wandered in the forests around the Cove. Bird life interested him, like all plants. It was here that the young SJ-employee felt at home. Here he wanted to be. Nature with all its hidden opportunities attracted and fascinated.

But everything would change. After a most improbable meeting in a clearing in the forest in 1946, Gösta Carlsson seriousness of their hobby. Gone were plans for a career in SJ. Instead was born brand new thoughts and plans for the future. In the late 1940s, he took a leave from SJ and began to devote himself to the pollen on a full-time basis. In the 1950s built Gösta Carlsson then up what today is a major industry. Here he took along with his aides up natural remedies based on pollen. The funds are used against diarrhoea, hay fever, infections and preventive protection against infections. Swedish medical board, however, has always been skeptical of pollen specimens which prevented them from becoming a sales success.

For a broad public Gösta Carlsson was perhaps best known as the man behind the hockey team Rögle BK's first heyday in the mid-60s. in 1963 he built Ängelholm first indoor ice hockey arena at a cost of 1.2 million dollars and only two years later, in May 1965, had won the division III in Rögle crushing style (18 won matches, no ties and no losses-224-32 in goal difference!). However, Gösta Carlsson wanted to reach the Summit and began to look for reinforcements. And he was satisfied with the players at any time. In the spring of 1965 was the recruitment of the Rangers Pro Ulf Sterner, in front of the nose of Västra Frölunda, the continuation of an almost unprecedented solicitation campaign that began in 1964 when the Canadian Des Moroney purchased that game coach. After this became Gösta fast hero at home while he gained plenty of enemies in other hockey-Sweden. To buy up a team could not by itself and "Pollen King" open wallet trissade in addition, the prices of the domestic players, complained the premier division coaches. Carlsson himself devoted himself hardly ate any excesses by the side of the hockey and the victories were celebrated with coffee and cake to the players while the wives got a box of chocolates. And he took good care of both players as employees.Utvälinge built Cernelle in 15 villas for their staff and next to the ice stadium houses for players and coaches. In a few years became Rögle BK headline setters ' favorite team. Carlsson himself was not slow to stick its neck out to challenge. Proprietary name "pollen team" and "pollengrabbarna" were commonplace and Ulf Sterner himself came to be called "pollenpyret". Rögle BK were fine advertisements for Carlsson's products, which also angered many. The criticism, however, has not prevented Rögle BK to March up from division III playoffs within two years. In February 1967, became the team's best newcomer of all time when it beat Västerås IK with 6-3 in the last match of the series.

For station Karl Gösta Carlsson had life suddenly took a new turn. Successful and wealthy, he had to put up with to be described as "pollen millionaire" in articles and reportages. In Albuquerque, he was a public figure and one of the district's greatest sons. Everything he did had a taste of the future.

But the image of the froward Pollen-Carlsson with hat would be complicated. What no one knew was that he was going to drop a bomb. He would come to reveal a secret that led many to doubt how it really was with him.After the last October 1971 was not the same again for the shoe's boy. That's when he went out with his story about a strange encounter in the woods with something that he himself was always convinced were visitors from another planet.
Today he is gone, he ovanlige you with its unusual history. On 24 september, he suffered a stroke in his apartment at the pensioner's home in Coatbridge and taken to Ängelholms Hospital where he died on 4 October 2003. Still, the memory of a confident and strong-willed man to be, a person who considered himself to have been in contact with beings from other worlds and who traveled a monument on the site.

Addendum from Clas Svahn:

I wrote a 320 pages long book about the case after ten years of investigation. This book will be published again in a month with 32 new pages. My conclusion is that Gösta experienced this inside himself. But it is a complex story and has several other levels that are hard to summarize.

Jose Caravaca asked, Does there exist something strange [wrong] about the case?

Well, not really. I wish I could analyze the staff and the ring but Gösta never let me. But the story is interesting in many other ways.

RR/Jose Caravaca

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Turing and Enigma, Poe and Cosmology, Me and GTA

I noted in a comment here, a few days ago, the New York Review of Books article by Christian Caryl on Alan Turing [2/5/15, Saving Alan Turing from his Friends, Page 19 ff.].
It’s a must-read for those who want to see how “facts” are changed for entertainment purposes.

My point here is to note what I found interesting, even though it has nothing to do with UFOs, exactly.

As many of you know, Turing (a genius and icon for some of us) discovered the cryptic code of the Nazi Enigma machine, helping Britain in WW II by showing the Nazi submarine attack plans – the Nazis having almost decimated the British Navy in the Atlantic Seas.

You can read about this online, but here’s my observation:

Who was the creator of Enigma?

I don’t think it was a committee creation but even if it were, who was the prime mover?

That person is a genius of the Turing ilk. Where did he or she go after the war?

Were they killed? Did they end up in Russia? Or the United States? Or South America?

Did they become part of the space programs here of in Soviet Russia? Or did they just fade away, lost to history, without note?

Then there is another NYRB article in the issue [2/5/15]: Of Edgar Allan Poe by Marilynne Robinson [Page 4 pp.] wherein she notes that Poe was an unprecedented genius with a prescience that has gone unnoticed pretty much.
Here’s Ms. Robinson’s commentary:

“In the last year of his life, [Poe] wrote a prose poem, Eureka, which would have established [the fact that his mind wasn’t commonplace].

[Eureka] was so full of intuitive insight that neither his contemporaries nor subsequent generations, until the late twentieth century, could make any sense of it.

Eureka describes the origins of the universe in a single particle, from which ‘radiated’ the atoms of which all matter is made. Minute dissimilarities of size and distribution among these atoms meant that the effects of gravity caused them to accumulate as matter forming the physical universe.

This by itself would be a startling anticipation of modern cosmology, if Poe had not also drawn striking conclusions from it, for example that space and ‘duration’ are one thing, that there might be stars that emit no light, that there is a repulsive force that in some degree counteracts the force of gravity, that there could be any number of universes with different laws simultaneous with ours, that our universe might collapse to its original state and another universe erupt from the particle it would have become, that our present universe may be one in a series.”

She continues:

“And of course Poe had neither evidence nor authority for any of [this]. It was the product, he said, of a kind of aesthetic reasoning – therefore, he insisted, a poem.”

Again, Poe’s brilliance remains questionable to some, but there it is.

And finally, there is a “mental quirk” known as Global Transient Amnesia, which I had occasion to experience a few years back.
I came into the house from going to the mailbox, and ask persons in the house who had placed bags of leaves on our porch.

We, including me, had actually put those bags on the porch a few moments earlier.

I then pointed out things in the house that I found unsettling and remained for a hour or so discussing things I found upsetting.

My fellows were alarmed as I was not me; that is, I was not Rich Reynolds during the episode. I was a person who had come into the house and, while having some connection with it, was not cognizant of my association.

I had no “me” – I wasn’t conscious of being me, nor did I have any awareness of being conscious at all.

My body had become a vehicle for another being, one with no relevance to my person.

Had my Earth-being intersected with my other dimension-being for a brief time?

That is, did Rich Reynolds from elsewhere end up stepping into my shoes for an hour or so, inadvertently or otherwise?

I have no recollection of the event, and if there had not been witnesses, I would have disappeared for a period of time, moving without sensate of where I was or what I was doing.

You can find more on GTA online, It’s an odd neurological condition and may explain some UFO episodes, except that those experiencing a UFO event while affected by GTA wouldn’t know they had had the experience unless someone with them was there to confirm the experience.

Things in this world are odd, and stories or facts about one’s life and activities often go unnoted or unrecounted for various reasons.

So one has to be cautious when dismissing stories out of hand. Those stories may be incomplete or too odd to be reviewed sensibly.

That’s why I think UFO events are amenable to truths that may be submerged by cavalier reporting, disingenuous motivations (as with Turing movie), or a lack of knowledge about one’s thinking (as with Poe).


Recurring signal from space: not ET?


Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Blue Book Debacle (and the Condon Committee too)

The current New Yorker magazine [1/26/15] has a piece about the NSA and terrorism, which has nothing to do with UFOs, but is insightful about the Air Force’s Blue Book operation and that of its predecessors, Sign and Grudge.

The piece [The Whole Haystack by Mattathias Schwartz, page 54 ff.] opens with this:

“Almost every major attack on Western soil in the past fifteen years has been committed by people known to law enforcement.”

Then follows a litany of those who’ve committed acts of terrorism, followed by this:

“In each of these cases, the authorities were not wanting for data. What they failed to do was appreciate the significance of the data they already had.”

Isn’t this what occurred with those early flying saucer/UFO projects? And that of the nefarious Condon Committee?

Those in charge of ferreting out data did so, but in a haphazard way, missing the significance of the data they had collected.

In the current brouhaha about who disclosed the Blue Book files first, UFO researchers are arguing about who should get credit or not for when they provided the Blue Book material(s) to the UFO community and the public.

Even now, no one is sifting through the data to see what patterns emerge or what may be significant.

UFO blokes still want to lay blame at the feet of those mentioned by media in the current ramp up of UFO news.

No one wants to tackle the data.

This has always been the case with UFO “researchers” and I use the term very loosely as you know.

UFO researchers like the idea of being first with some UFO material or being the one(s) to present an obscure UFO story or fact.

No one wants to test the data, and no one has done so, in a methodical way, ever, although they would have the rest of us think they’ve done so: Jerry Clark, Kevin Randle, MUFON, Stanton Friedman, et al.

Just as the NSA botched and still botches what the organization has collected, and it’s a mighty amount of data as Edward Snowden let us know, Blue Book personnel and the Condon boys botched their chance(s) to explain what UFOs may be.

They didn’t do so out of a conspiracy to hide facts and data. They did so by being lax and inept, just as the NSA and authorities have been lax and inept about terrorist activity, as outlined by Mr. Schwartz’ article in his magazine reports.


Thomas Cole: Painter of UFOs?

Thomas Cole  [February 1, 1801 – February 11, 1848], the noted founder of the Hudson River School of painters, was obsessed with allegory -- allegory that he turned into paintings of angels and what might be considered phenomena that would likely be called UFOs today.

His angel-paintings are often overlooked or ignored by art aficionados as they bespeak a psychological quirk that art historians and lovers of art would prefer to dismiss.

But the Romantic "visions" that Thomas Cole produced indicate, to me, a mind-set that sees things not real to others but very real to them.

This is a mind-set that has "hallucinated" UFOs in our time but provided less technological hallucinations in earlier times.

Some flying saucer and UFO accounts that have ended up in the lore can be attributed to this mind-set or quirk, and seems to be neurological in nature.

Thomas Cole died relatively young (48 years) and had no outward signs of dementia or mental illness but art historians play down or eschew his angel paintings as they indicate an obsession they'd prefer to submerge.

Joseph Smith [December 23, 1805 – June 27, 1844], the founder of Mormonism lived in the same time frame and also said he saw angels (Moroni) who helped him establish the Church of Latter Day Saints.

For some reason, the age that begot these two men was ripe for such visions, hallucinations, or hoax-dreams.

Here are some of the allegorical paintings of Thomas Cole, with angels or bright splotches one might call UFOs:

Friday, January 23, 2015

Extraterrestrials and Flying Saucers [UFOs] have a common denominator?

In George Pal’s 1953 Sci-Fi film, War of the Worlds, Dr. Clayton Forrester [Gene Barry] suggested, via script writer Barre Lyndon, that the Martians created their technology based upon how they looked – their physiognomy.

Here’s clip to remind you how the Martians and their machines appeared in the film: 

This offers the speculation that if UFOs are ET craft, they may represent something from their world that flies, just as Earthlings developed aircraft based, in part, on birds in flight and rocket-ships based upon arrows flying through the air.

The circular objects known as flying saucers, morphed into UFOs, may have, conjecturally, been created by extraterrestrials who have, in their world, something that is circular and flies.

That alien beings debarking from flying disks have human-like characteristics belies, perhaps, the idea that those beings come from a planet elsewhere.

This opens the door to time-travelers or inter-dimensional beings.

Otherwise the beings seen outside a flying disk/saucer would have some round or circular characteristics, if War of the Worlds’ scriptwriter Lyndon was prescient, which I think he was.


Will ETI Be Space Explorers? Some Cultural Considerations by Michael Ashkenazi

This 1995 paper can be accessed by clicking HERE.

Ashkenazi provides arguments for and against SETI and the possibility (or not) of ET space travel.

Referenced is David Brin’s The Great Silence an extrapolation of Fermi’s paradox.

Those who wish to see more about David Brin’s thesis, and read his paper, have these web-sites:

And here are David Brin’s web page musings on his paper and science topics:


Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Martian Explosion

This comes from Weird Science-Fantasy's Flying Saucer Report [An EC comic book, December 1954]:
Couple this with Clyde Tombaugh's account of a perceived explosion on Mars (noted here and at the UFO Evidence site, among others).....

In 1949, Tombaugh had also told the Naval missile director at White Sands Missile Range, Commander Robert McLaughlin, that he had seen a bright flash on Mars in August 1941, which he now attributed to an atomic blast (mentioned May 12, 1949, in a letter from McLaughlin to Dr. James van Allen). [3] Tombaugh also noted that the first atomic bomb tested in New Mexico would have lit up the dark side of the Earth like a neon sign and that Mars was coincidentally quite close at the time, the implication apparently being that the atomic test would have been visible from Mars. 

....and we have observations that feed the possibility that a Martian civilization was intact not that long ago but literally annihilated in toto, eliminating the earlier perceived canals and all remnants of a society or civilization -- the bomb bringing this about being a bomb greater in destructive power that anything created or contemplated here, on Earth.

Is that why NASA is so intrigued with The Red Planet?


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A 1968 UFO event with symbols and beings (from Jose Antonio Caravaca)

Cootamundra, NSW 1968

C lives at Cootamundra and has done most of his life. Now 63 years old, in his early years, he used to work as a cleaner on night shift at the Cootamundra railway station, cleaning out carriages. In 1968, he was working in one of the carriages, mopping the aisle, when he noticed one side of the night sky as brighter than the rest. So he leaned over so he could see up at a greater angle and saw a strange sight.

At first he thought a plane was coming in to land. C reports that a silent and motionless object he describes as circular, with a symmetrical top and bottom, hung in the air at a close enough height for him to make out a number of obvious shapes.

First, he noticed that the bottom of this ‘saucer-like’ object had a different shape to the top. The bottom had a central object resembling a 44 gallon drum protruding downwards and that this shape moved up and down – in and out of the main body. As it did so, the strange lights that emanated from it changed colours through the spectrum.

The top section had a clear dome of sorts in which there appeared two ‘beach ball’ shaped transparent balls which hovered inside the machine. It was at this point that I interrupted him to ask how he could have seen such things detailed from the ground if they were at the top of the object. His reply was straightforward; “That’s puzzled me for years – it’s as if I was in the carriage, but somewhere closer at the same time”

C went on to describe markings which he drew in a sketch. These markings were on what might otherwise be described as the fuselage.
 C then described 5 beings of different descriptions. Apparently, he was met with two very different types of creature that seemed to be just like humans in most respects. But one was set apart from the others. His appearance differed in that his head seemed elongated from the eyes up – so his cranium was extended.

Again, I asked how this was possible. His response was that he felt there was only one answer – that he had somehow been ‘Taken’. The smaller individuals were using equipment that he could not describe until only a few years ago. The reason was that there were no comparisons to make until current technology made palm readers and postal delivery signatures on an electronic screen an everyday affair.

All of this seemed to take only a few seconds and C instantly ran screaming to the station master to bear witness to this thing. After ‘shirt-fronting’ the station master and practically dragging him out to the carriage where C was working, lo and behold there was nothing to see.

The stationmaster gave a singular shake of the head and it was not mentioned again – until he finally got sick of denial and spoke to us."


Monday, January 19, 2015

We are living in a Matrix – not The Matrix but A Matrix

At my Facebook media page, I’ve taken to task Facebook, Google, Yahoo, and other internet entities that use we who sign up as fodder for their advertising aims.

We provide personal information for “free” access but have no way to contact those in charge of the sites named, to address issues or correct errors.

It reminds me of Charles Ives short musical piece The Unanswered Question where druids (us) plead with the gods for answers but nothing – not a sound, not a response of any kind – is forthcoming.
The druids (us) get more and more hysterical until the piece ends in dead silence, a recognition that we are alone – there are no gods or they ignore us at their whim and pleasure.

And this is how it is and has been with the UFO phenomenon: we devotees have been asking questions, of each other and those in authority, for about seventy years, and no one has provided a response, except those duplicitous entities who are fearful of UFOs or who have something to hide from those of us (the UFO druids, acolytes of the UFO phenomenon).

We have all gotten more and more hysterical over the years, probing governments and so-called UFO experts, to no avail.

For some reason the minor UFO matrix is abound with circumlocution, from UFO witnesses, UFO “researchers,” and those in government(s) who’ve made everyone afraid to tell what they really know, fearful of vague reprisals or societal whiplash: those who have a UFO experience must be loony.

This minor, man made UFO matrix has been convoluted by charlatans – researchers using hypnosis to dredge up observations (or alleged abductions) and those who try to capitalize on the phenomenon for personal gain or glory.

The real UFO Matrix is more vast and interesting. But a UFO matrix, such as I present here, is palpable and depressing, as it’s man-made and controlled by forces unconscious or malevolent yet seemingly insurmountable by most of us.

We are being defeated, or held at bay, by ignorant people and constructs, much as those swelling social media are being defeated by mercenary forces and greed.

Can we escape the matrix – the man-made matrix – so we might get at the UFO Matrix?

I’m thinking not, as humanity and society are getting dumber by the day, by the hour actually, and UFO mavens are dumber than most.


Saturday, January 17, 2015

UFO Symbols

I've placed these symbols online before (several times), separately, but think the pages from the magazine article by our late friend Lucius Farish and Dale Titler might be useful or interesting to some of you:


Friday, January 16, 2015

Zoam Chomsky!

I'm getting missives, unhappy with Zoam Chomsky's extreme skeptical comments.

I like Zoam Chomsky. He won't be excluded here.

His views are incendiary but not ungentlemanly.

I'm a devotee of atheistic views, those in the theological realm especially, although I'm a "believer."

So, Zoam's views on UFOs are okay with me. They irk some, but not me.

He's here as long as he wishes to be.


Howard Hughes and the Socorro craft (from Jose Antonio Caravaca)

You should know that Spanish UFO researcher (our friend and colleague) Jose Caravaca is more obsessed by Lonnie Zamora's 1964 Socorro sighting that I am (if that's possible).

Jose found this during a Blue Book search (now that Blue Book files are online for free):
I asked him to provide supplemental material, and he has:
This adds credence to my long-held suggestion that it was a Howard Hughes Aircraft/Toolco/Raven CIA experiment gone slightly awry.