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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

"None of this speculation gets us any closer to explaining what these things are, and where they come from."

That line above comes from “Albert Guitar” in a comment at Kevin Randle’s blog which is in a torrent of responses about electromagnetic effects and UFOs.

And “Guitar’s” comment sums up the ongoing and ever accurate state of affairs when it came to or comes to flying saucers and UFOs: all the huffing and puffing online and off has not brought an iota of explanation of what the elusive phenomenon is (or was).

Regurgitating the old cases, as we do here and others do at their UFO venues, might elicit an explanation for sightings and reports, such as Roswell, Socorro, the Trent or Helflin photos, Arnold’s iconic sightings, the Hill episode, et cetera, but none of that UFO lore gets anywhere close to determining what UFOs are or what flying saucers were.

In the old days, we seem to have been dealing with material craft; today we’re dealing with evanescent sightings that are insubstantial and almost unworthy of cogitation.

Either way, no one, no matter how glib or wordy (David Rudiak comes to mind), has a clue as to what UFOs are or were.

And what’s truly disturbing is how lax the UFO commentators are when it comes to pursuing UFO sightings or events.

In the Randle “debate” not one UFO sighting or flying saucer event seemingly affected by EM transmissions or something more esoteric is examined specifically or in depth; that is, no sighting is forensically approached by those in the midst of their “elaborate” discussion.

As usual, the participants are looking to display their knowledge of electromagnetism and similar physical emissions without actually any of their knowledge to a specific case.

That’s what spurred Mr. “Guitar” to write what he wrote. He understands the nonsense of the Randle but can’t help participating.

This has been and continues to be the problem with “ufology” that pseudo-science which underpins the whole of the UFO enigma, and which has sunk the phenomenon to where no one with any true academic or scientific acumen will join in the swim.

Mr. Randle is reminiscing about UFOs and certain aspects of the folly, just as I do here. But my excuse is that I’m intrigued by odd elements in old sightings, such as the Socorro insignia or the appearance of a “spaceman” in the Solway photo. Those quirks are fascinating to me, just as the electromagnetic discussion at Mr. Randle’s blog is fascinating to his readers.

The difference is that they pontificate to show off, and I (and readers here) just note some unusual UFO quirks that won’t explain UFOs surely but do provide grist for the minutiae within the UFO mythos.

Note the tendentious responses of Larry or Rudiak and others at Mr. Randle’s blog. And note the nature of those responses. Where so they take readers? Not very close to a UFO explanation. But they do help provide a patina of expertise to those who wish to appear erudite and intellectual.

I give them that, but, like Mr. Guitar, I see nothing that comes close to resolving the UFO mystery, then or now.


Monday, April 21, 2014

The Loch Ness Monster (or Captain Nemo's ship?)

Friday, April 18, 2014

The UFO Fixation(s)

With the resurgence in Freudian psychology and the resurrection of Freud as one of the great thinkers [Discover magazine, April 2014, Kat McGowan, Page 54 ff.] one can reassert the idea that “ufologists” or UFO mavens have a fixation not unlike that listed by Wikipedia for the poet, Lord Alfred Tennyson:

Tennyson has been claimed to have a "romantic fixation...'a psychic fixation upon the days that are no more'."

In the UFO universe or community, resides those who are fixated upon flying saucers or UFOs nostalgically, as a psychic interest from their youth. (CDA and I might be in that group.)

Others are fixated on UFOs because they created a mechanism of notice or moderate fame at one time. (Kevin Randle and Jerry Clark fall into that category.)

Some fixate on UFOs because it gives them grist for attention that they normally wouldn’t receive. (David Rudiak and Lance Moody fit here.)

Some fixate on UFOs because they are semi-psychotic and the phenomenon attracts them because it too is psychotic (in nature).

A few fixate on UFOs because it is a real mystery for them, a curiosity that needs to be addressed. (Nick Redfern.)

And a certain few see UFOs as an entrée to some kind of fame that has eluded them in other arenas of life. 

Then there are subsets of fixation: Roswell, Socorro (my addiction), the Hill episode, supposed alien abductions, and alleged alien astronauts, to name a few.

But what it comes down to, no matter how UFOs are addressed, the topic and phenomenon attracts those who have fixations of various kinds, sublimated or repressed.

It’s a neurotic problem and sometimes a psychotic problem. But no matter what, it is an abnormality that is often ignored as such or set aside with a pretense of seeking an answer to something monumental in lieu of dealing with real problems and existential proclivities.


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Some interesting asides from the 1952 Sonny Desvergers UFO account

Karl Pflock’s account of the 1952 “scoutmaster” flying saucer encounter is a must-read for UFO aficionados:

The story is fascinating in many ways, but for my purposes I’ve culled a few side-bars that intrigue:

" ... Desvergers claimed to have received several threatening telephone calls and had noticed "a large black automobile cruising around near his house."

"James Moseley reports someone at the Air Force press desk in Washington told him Desvergers had been involved in homosexual activities."

And this about Project Stork, which is an ongoing project at Battelle and monitored by the U.S. military (Air Rorce and Navy).

Battelle continues to received UFO reports for evaluation, according to FOI documents received by a UFO researcher who has provided elements at  our private UFO web-site.

This is from Mr. Pflock’s NICAP rendition:

"This appears to have reminded Ruppelt of his grass specimens, which were forwarded from Carney's office on August 28 and sent to Battelle Memorial Institute in Columbus, Ohio, for examination and analysis by its agronomy laboratory. Battelle, a private scientific and technical research, development, and management organization, had a contract with the Air Force to provide support to Project Blue Book, under the code name Project Stork."

Battelle Memorial Institute, "Sixth Status Report on Contract AF-19741, PPS-100 [Project Stork]," October 10, 1952, originally classified Restricted, p. 3. This may be the official report to which Ruppelt refers. Neither it nor any reference to it is included in the Blue Book file on the Desvergers case. However, it and the other six Stork status reports are included in the Blue Book files in the National Archives (National Archives II, College Park, Md.). This is the entire text concerning Battelle's findings (emphasis added): "Regarding the 'Florida' samples, no difference was observed between the two samples of soil, but it was found that the root structure of the plants from the area in question was degenerated, apparently by heat, while the root structure of a control sample was undisturbed. In addition, the lower leaves, those nearest the ground under normal conditions, were slightly deteriorated, apparently by heat. No logical explanation is possible for this alteration of the first sample, beyond the suggestion that a high soil temperature around the plants could have been the cause. No radioactivity was found in any of these samples."

The Desvergers story/report/account can be dismissed or accepted, depending upon your inclination.

But the MIB refererence might attract Nick Redfern and the Battelle references are for Anthony Bragalia, who has been investigating Battelle’s connection to the alleged Roswell metal debris.

Isaac Koi is interested in Project Stork and might wish to look into Battelle’s ongoing project by that name.

For me, the Desvergers encounter includes aspects that antedate later UFO reports of encounters (See Jose Caravaca’s reports here) and seem to authenticate the scoutmaster’s story, despite his (Desvergers’) iffy background and problems that Mr. Pflock enumerates.


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Plants Pilot UFOs [Redux]

I bring forward again the thesis that plants may be the species that originates and flies those things we call Unidentified Flying Objects.

This recurrence of mine stems from an article by Oliver Sacks in the April 24th issue New York Review of Books: The Mental life of Plants … [Page 4 ff.]

Sacks delineates Darwin’s idea that plants, while evolving along “two profoundly different paths,: they (plants and animals) are “closer that one might think” as he (Darwin) outlined in his botanical book, The Power of Movement in Plants (1880).

And Daniel Chamovitz writes in his book, What a Plant Knows (2012) “plants are capable of registering what we would call sights, sounds, tactile signals, and much more. Plants know what to do, and they ‘remember.’”

As I noted earlier, this prescient movie:
 Based upon this sci-fi story:
 Had it right: plants pilot flying saucers:
 I conjecture that plants evolved somewhere, over millions of years, into mobile, thinking entities in the same way that mankind evolved here.

That they are the things inside UFOs explains the reported heavy attendance near water of UFOs and the ability of UFOs to make aerodynamic moves that would kill an animal body.

Also, there is the reported witness testimony of telepathic interactions between UFO entities and those observing them, something that plants have been proven to do, as cited in my previous posting about this.

And the plaint by astro-biologists that the alleged gray entities that inundate UFO accounts are top heavy; that is, their heads are too large to be sustained by the slim bodies that witnesses have reported.

But many plants are top heavy and the thrust of that configuration is obvious:


So, for me, the idea that “a carrot” as noted in the movie is the entity flummoxing us is an hypothesis in need of more scrutiny or debate.


Wednesday, April 09, 2014

NASA's (possible) explanation(s) for the light on Mars

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

The Light!

LIght on Mars proves the movie Rocketship X-M was prophetic

Saturday, April 05, 2014

The Socorro Beings, Garbed in White

Setting aside the two men (clothed in white) – Angels – who appeared to Lot at Sodom [Genesis 19, Hebrew Bible], there are a number of accounts, in Jacques Vallee and Chris Aubeck’s Wonders in the Sky, of beings, clothed in white, who were reportedly seen or connected to UFO sightings, early on and into the modern era:

August 2, 216 B.C. Cannae, Apulia, Italy – round objects in the shape of ships, on the edge of which were seen men dressed in white. [Page 39]

October 15, 1550 A.D. Biubiu River, Chili – Two beings, a beautiful woman and an old man, both dressed in white, appeared to the Mapuche Indians, and from a comet that had greater brightness than other comets, and fell to the ground, came a beautiful womn also dressed in white. [Page 153 ff.]

1752, Kazan Russia – A man named “Yashka” met a stranger dressed in white who took him to a flying cauldron. [Page 257]

August 7, 1806, Rutherford, North Carolina – a Mrs. Reaves, her daughter, and a Negro [sic] woman discovered a numerous crowd of beings, in a cotton field, clad with brilliant white raiment. The crowd moved to Chimney Rock from which two men appeared with a third, two having the nearest resemblance of men any before seen. [Page 286]

July 1, 1836, Szeged, Hungary – Globular lights were seen and apparitions of an entity resembling “a lady in white” and a dwarf-sized Franciscan monk. [Page 306]

About January 12, 1876, Sheridan, Pennsylvania – a witness saw a light borne by what appeared to be a human figure clothed in white that glided along the ground. [Page 342]

And I’ve covered the 1964 Woomera (South Australia) case, attendant to the Solway spaceman photo a number of times. The sighting involves two beings clothed in white, seen near a pending rocket launch.

Here’s a link to one of my postings about those two beings:

What’s my point here?

That Officer Lonnie Zamora’s experience may be something more that a hoax-inspired prank, or a misinterpreted lunar prototype misstep, or a traveling balloon escapade by a paper company, or a sighting of an egg-shaped extraterrestrial craft.

He may have had a mystical experience, like those noted in Wonders….and elsewhere.

That is, Officer Zamora’s event was something in and from a realm that lies outside the normal human environment.

[Wonders in the Sky is published by Jeremy P. Tarcher/Penguin, NY, 2010]


Yahoo provides some (interesting) UFO videos

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

A Universe before our Universe?

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Holy cow! Is this the home of the Annunaki?

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Where are the flying saucer “fossils”?

The Alien Astronaut theorists and a few UFO quidnuncs tell us that flying saucers or UFOs have been visiting the Earth for thousands, maybe millions of years.

And some UFO buffs insist that flying saucer or UFO crashes have been almost epidemic since 1947, those crashes covered up by government militaries.

But let me address the many-year visiting UFOs/saucers.

If craft from somewhere else has been visiting the Earth for millennia, and their current configurations are crash prone (Aurora, Roswell, Aztec, Kecksburg, et cetera), why has no one ever discovered the remnants of a crashed saucer/UFO anywhere on Earth, before the cover-up era?

Why haven’t explorers stumbled upon a metallic or solid substance entity that would be identifiable as an odd construct, out of place or time?

Explorers and paleontologists have come upon odd things in the sands, mountains, jungles, snow fields of Earth and placed those finds in museums or noted them in journals.

But no one, ever, has described a flying saucer “fossil.”

Yes, the AA theorists will point to things like the Palenque sarcophagus lid as indication of an alien space craft, but that interpretation is iffy, and no craft is represented or was found among the areas other archaeological debris fields.

Stanley or Livingston never found anything in Africa that could be identified as a vehicle or airborne craft.

Nor did Marco Polo in China, or Herodotus in and around the Mediterranean.

Lewis and Clark didn’t come upon a downed saucer or anything like one.

No one ever found the remains of the supposed Airships of the 1890s, although those alleged crafts were reportedly (by witnesses) to be accident-prone or had troubled flights.

No Egyptian hieroglyph depicts a downed saucer.

But then, in the modern era, writers, such as Kevin Randle, tell us that flying saucers have crashed all over the place, only to be smothered by government interference and secrecy.

But before this paranoid era – back in the good ol’ days of unfettered discovery – no noted explorer or romantic traveler to far off, unknown realms ever wrote or said they had discovered an out of place, odd artifact that one could discern, today, as a crashed flying disk.

Dinosaur fossils have shown up everywhere. But nothing like a downed UFO.

What does that tell us?

That the whole flying saucer thing is hooey, or UFOs are a phenomenon without substance, the creatures of myth – evanescent and without substance, then and now.


Sunday, March 23, 2014


Copyright 2014, Anthony Bragalia [Use of this article, without permission, will bring litigation of copyright infringement. Excessive "fair use" will also bring legal scrutiny. Links to article are permitted of course and source notation is appreciated.]

A photo found archived at New Mexico Tech’s Atmospheric Lab may provide stunning visual confirmation that the world-famous “UFO” sighted by Officer Lonnie Zamora outside of Socorro, NM in the 1960s was indeed a balloon launched by college students at the nearby school. This extraordinary image may well illustrate who did the hoax, what it really was, and what it looked like.

The photo and accompanying notation above is courtesy the files of the Langmuir Laboratory for Atmospheric Research at New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology in Socorro, NM.

According to school documents, the photo was taken in “approximately” 1965 in the area south of town where newly-acquired, advanced experimental balloons had been sent aloft by college students and department personnel for the prior two years.


Zamora would have been wholly unfamiliar with such an experimental balloon, introduced to the area the very year of his sighting. But four key elements are strikingly common to the photo and Officer Zamora’s testimony- the craft’s shape, features, size and color.


Zamora radioed to another officer the sighting of the craft and what he had just observed. When the officer asked Zamora “What does it look like?” Zamora responded “it looks like a balloon.” The photo shows an unusually configured aerial (especially for the mid-1960s) but it still “looks like a balloon” and of course, that is precisely what it is.


Another feature reported by Zamora is that the balloon-like object was resting on structured “legs.” That is, Lonnie said that the object had “landing gear” extended. He even drew a very crude stick-figure rendering that showed the craft had ‘legs.’

The photo of the college balloon is clearly configured with struts or fins that look very much like a space ship’s landing apparatus. The similarity is obvious. They even look like various illustrations of the craft done by amateur artists over the years!


Officer Zamora reported the size of the ovoid object as that of “an overturned car.” Another time Zamora mentions a size of about 20 feet. The average car length is about 18.5 feet. The balloon depicted in the college photo is a massive one, requiring several young people with tethers around it to control the thing. It is of similar size to ”an overturned car” – twenty or so feet.


Zamora described the color of the object that he had sighted as appearing white or ‘aluminum white.’ The college balloon in the photo is white / off-white.  And when illuminated by the sun or cloud reflection, it takes on a metal-like quality.


Though apparently filled with helium in the photo, it would be very easy to cut and remove the balloon material at the bottom of the craft (in-between the ‘landing gear’) and insert candles (as Colgate believed) a gas apparatus and/or pyrotechnics platform  (available at the school’s Energetics Lab) to create the emitted flames as seen by Zamora.


In reference to the “circa” date for the photo of 1965 listed by the school, Officer Zamora’s sighting (also in an area ‘south of town’ where the student balloons were launched) occurred in 1964. However, it has been learned from the Atmospheric Lab that the image may have been from the year prior to the year indicated, which is why they had ‘hedged’ with the date and elected to say “circa” or “about.”  The Langmuir Laboratory for Atmospheric Research at New Mexico Tech was built in 1963. In 1964 (the very year of the Zamora sighting) they began –for the first time ever- launching every type of “inflatable” available at the world at that time. In 1964 the students had a new source of “play” – balloons of very strange configuration and novel design to test.


Skeptic Tim Printy after reading the last piece by this author on the Zamora sighting was expressing frustration that what I have discovered and reported about this case could very well be the definitive solution to Socorro.

Printy, not trusting that Colgate had confessed to me his knowledge of the hoax, requested that New Mexico Tech scientist Dave Thomas visit Colgate at his office. Printy wanted Thomas to ask Colgate directly if all of what I said was transpired did the way I said that it did. Although apparently lamenting that he thought that I was an historian or he would presumably not have been so open, Colgate confirmed that everything that I have reported –and that our email exchanges- were truthful and were accurate. Stirling Colgate died earlier this year but not before telling all of the truth about the Socorro UFO that he felt that he could.

If one thing has been consistent about my discoveries and reporting on Socorro- they are truthful. Even when the truth hurts.


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Machines, not little gray beings pilot UFOs, but that doesn't affect our everyday life.

Monday, March 17, 2014

And scientists think ufologists are nuts?

The whole universe, from a single point the size of an atom? (I don't think so.)


Saturday, March 15, 2014

Bragalia on James Randi -- the skeptical side of sleaze

James Randi, the man who bills himself as the "Amazing Randi," is one nasty little piece of work.  Randi was investigated by law enforcement for harboring an illegal alien in his FL mansion. Randi, allegedly a homosexual, was playing “Daddy” to a teenager of Latin descent who was using a stolen identity.

On September 8th, 2011, Federal Agents working for the US State Department, knocked on James Randi's door, not particularly looking for Randi, but for Randi's live-in-lover, a  person who calls himself "Jose Luis Alvarez," a name stolen years ago, say the Feds, from a New York man.  In their newspaper article, "Celebrated South Florida artist Jose Alvarez accused of identity theft" the Broward County Sun Sentinel says:

"Celebrated Plantation artist Jose Luis Alvarez has earned an international reputation with colorful, modernist paintings that have been showcased in South Florida museums and galleries.

He's always dabbled in abstract concepts involving personal and artistic identity, an exploration that began as a young man when he teamed with famed magician James "The Amazing" Randi on the world stage.

Now, there are deeper questions surrounding Alvarez and who he actually is — a mystery about the man himself, beyond his creative persona.

To federal authorities the 43-year-old Alvarez is a cipher, a man truly without any identity. They refer to him as "FNU LNU" — law enforcement acronyms for first and last names unknown.

Alvarez is now in federal custody, accused of stealing the identity of a New York man and misusing it for more than 20 years. Goateed and scholarly looking in hip eyeglasses, Alvarez — if that indeed is his name — had his first appearance Friday morning in federal court in Fort Lauderdale.

"We don't know who this person is," Assistant U.S. Attorney Bertha Mitrani told a magistrate, while explaining that authorities would seek to hold Alvarez without bail at a hearing next week.

Alvarez first began performing to international audiences in the late 1980s as "Carlos," channeling the spirit of an ancient seer in contact with other worlds.
It was an elaborate hoax carried out as performance art.

Alvarez's transformation into "Carlos" was part of Randi's crusade to expose mystics and psychics around the world as frauds. The two men, who live together in Randi's Plantation home, met when Alvarez was ateen, and they put on the "Carlos" performances for 15 years.

More recently, the artist's paintings were featured this spring at the Norton Museum of Art in West Palm Beach, and have graced Art Basel in Miami and galleries in New York and San Francisco.

Alvarez's alleged alternate reality came apart Thursday morning, with the arrival at his door of an investigator from the U.S. State Department who specializes in fraudulent passports, visas and other travel documents. Alvarez initially said he was born in Venezuela, then said New York, according to court records. He was arrested on a charge of supplying false information to obtain a passport, a crime punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

The charge filed against Alvarez alleges he stole a New York man's date of birth and Social Security number, which he used to obtain a U.S. passport in 1987. He has since renewed the passport twice."

But the Sun Sentinel also says in another article titled 'The Amazing' Randi, renowned supernatural investigator, immersed in mystery about partner's alleged ID theft."  

The writers say:

"Alvarez is not just an artist, but an ardent backer of Randi's philosophy of using science to debunk the assertions of people who fraudulently claim to possess paranormal abilities, Dmitrovsky said...

...A lecture he gave at the University of California in Berkeley earlier this year about his artistic pursuits was described thus: "Jose Alvarez will guide us through his own personal journey of investigation into the realms of consciousness, mysticism, spirituality, magic, shamanism, space exploration, and paranormal phenomena. Utilizing the concept in theoretical astrophysics of parallel universes and space as a continuum membrane with no beginning or end, Alvarez will place his cast of characters as a stand-in for the strong human desire for knowledge and transformation and his continued visual inquiry into the realms of the fantastic and the philosophical."

State Department investigators got onto his trail last August, when a New Yorker named Jose Luis Alvarez applied for a passport to attend his sister's wedding in Jamaica. His application was flagged as potentially fraudulent, because a passport had already been issued in his name.

"He's had my identity for 20 years," the New York Alvarez said Friday, when reached by telephone by the Sun Sentinel. "Why is he stealing my identity? Is he illegal?”


Friday, March 14, 2014

Ufology's Underbelly

Anthony Bragalia provides an overview of the seedier aspects of ufology: the UFO community's reprobates.

Click HERE to see his piece (at his personal blog).

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Shaver and/or Tonnies were actually on to something?

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

UFO Discourse or Dogmatism?

The Anomalist wishes that I’d engage in discourse with UFO aficionados rather than issue in what they see as dogmatic broadsides.

Discourse with UFO mavens?

That would be like having talks with a room full of monkeys.

And example may be seen by looking at the current comments at Kevin Randles blog, by Rick Hall and Nitram Ang.

These sycophants take to task the visitors here and comments made about the Roswell slides, about which they know jack-shit.

Mr. Randle’s problem has always been his democratic approach to UFO witnesses and persons commenting at his blog: everything is grist for presentation, no matter how asinine or errant.

Mr. Randle has been trying to correct his legacy with mea culpa’s about his past use of lying Roswell witnesses.

But he still insists providing carte blanche to bone-heads at his blog, persons who lick his boots only to be in the presence of a UFO notable.

Rick Hall is pissed because I don’t allow his comments an airing in this spot.

For me, it’s quality over quantity, and in Hall’s case, it’s a matter of not allowing garbage and ignorance to appear here.

Up next, I’ll provide comments on the deviants who roam the halls of the UFO community, one in jail, and one continuously spewing vile and vulgar comments trying to cover his tracks as a child pornographer.