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Monday, March 02, 2015

The [New] Roswell Slides Group

Film-maker and UFO buff, Paul Kimball has gathered together a group of respected UFO researchers, academics, and media professionals, including a former member of the so-called Roswell Dream Team to investigate further the Kodachrome slides and activity pertaining to them.

Mr. Kimball has set up a web-site – www.roswellslides.com -- in his zeal to accommodate, without secrecy, those who are interested in the slides.

The site has just been established and has no material to scrutinize at the moment but will contain information as it becomes available, and is vetted by those involved.


Sunday, March 01, 2015

Captain Ed Ruppelt's Death

I received this in an e-mail March 1st, 2015:

"I don't know if you have any further interest in the death of Edward Ruppelt, but we were his neighbors at that time, and he car pooled with my husband to work at Northrup Aircraft.  He never missed work to my knowledge and rode to work with my husband as usual, on the day of his death of a "heart attack". You can verify this information by checking our addresses---we lived at 1951 Josie Avenue Long Beach California, and Ed and his wife Liz and two daughters lived at 1931 Josie Avenue.  The homes were built in 1953 and we moved into ours in October of that year. We did not socialize with the Ruppelts, other than the two men car pooling.  My husband finished his career at Northrup Ventura, and has since died. I'm sorry that I have no other information to give you, as my husband, and surely Ed also, had Q Clearance, and at least in my case, did not divulge anything critical.  I know that my husband (John McLean Robinson Jr.) was very sceptical about the story of Ed's death, as I am to this day.

Thank you for your time.
Gloria J."

The Invisible Collage [sic]

By Milo-Campus [http://www.deviantart.com/morelikethis/286565096]

While struggling through Jacques Barzun’s chapter The Invisible College [Page 191 ff.] in his From Dawn to Decadence (1500 to the Present): 500 Years of Western Cultural Life [HarperCollins, NY, 2000], which was a discursive, anecdotal account of 16th and 17th Century scientists and thinkers, with only a brief mention of the first Invisible College that became London’s Royal Society, I realized that the team of Roswell investigators responsible for the Kodachrome slides imbroglio were a kind of “invisible college” or, as I see it, an invisible collage of persons seeking to find out what the meaning and import is of a few Kodak slides showing the odd image of a humanoid-like being.

The college or collage of persons have the earmarks of a group regimented to pursue, research-like, what they found in their ongoing pursuit of the Roswell mythos.

In the interregnum between the discovery of the slides and an explanatory event scheduled for May 5th of 2015, this collage of individuals has accrued a raft of informal members who also want to be part of the anticipated extraterrestrial presence the collage sees in the body photographed allegedly in 1947, and thought by them to be proof of the alleged Roswell flying disk crash with recovered alien bodies.

These extra members of the collage are made up of non-believers (skeptics) and die-hard believers in the Roswell mythos.

The collage has become a maelstrom of argumentative individuals, not unlike those in the first “invisible colleges” but very much unlike those in Jacques Vallee’s invisible college or the academics I find habituating our private UFO web-site.

The discordant collage members are often barbaric in their responses to the collage’s initial members and each other; that is, they tear and rend statements and opinions by everyone who presumes to get immersed in the slides debate.

Barzun, in his book, allows for such barbarism by true intellectuals, as that often foments advancement in science and thought, whereas in the collage setting such barbarism foments a nasty, vile, toxic atmosphere that has killed, in the past, and is doing so again, as to what UFOs are or what really happened in Roswell in 1947.

For me, the slides are a novelty, with attendant elements that intrigue.

The fervid disputes also bring to mind the rabid disputes within psychiatry and psychology during the psychoanalytic heyday, or the fevered accounts between Fred Hoyle and The Big Bang theorists.

But the slides brouhaha is nastier because it houses persons who lack dignity and intellectual decorum, on both sides of the argumentative equation.

But as one renown French skeptic has it, “That’s Ufology!”


Friday, February 27, 2015

Fred Hoyle is vindicated? (I think so)


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Many Slides Stories

Paul Kimball, in a comment for the posting proceeding this one, writes that if the slides story is a concoction – a con like MJ-12 or the Alien Autopsy – that’s the story, and my effort to keep the topic on point -- the body seen in the slides – is not the only story to be aired.

He makes a point, which was exampled years ago in the Piltdown Man hoax, which took in many “brilliant men” (such as Teilhard de Chardin and Clarence Darrow).

But I don’t see a created con with the slides story, even though there are some iffy people involved. (Need I name them?)

Paul Kimball’s position is this (which he provided via an e-mail):

“Like I said, I actually feel sorry for Bragalia. He might be an unpleasant, borderline psychotic true believer, but I don't think he's part of the con. He just happens to be a patsy - the Lee Harvey Oswald, as it were. Just like Friedman was with MJ-12. And you can quote me on that.”

A little harsh maybe but that’s between Tony and Paul; it’s an invigorating back-and-forth, full of the ufological vituperation with which we are all familiar.

Yet, there is a story, besides the possible con job story. And it’s the actual content of the slide(s): the image thereupon.

What is it? Where was it displayed? Who took the photo? Why?

And then there is the alleged Roswell connection. Is that a real story possibility? I’m not so sure, although I think the slide body was the inspiration for the Scully/Aztec fiction. (But that for another time, as I’ve worked that conjecture to death here already, many times.)

There is also the story of the Rays, Hilda and Bernerd, who were supposedly the takers of the slides or holders of the slides, as they were allegedly found in Hilda Ray’s house.

But that’s also a story: who found the slides? Why did they keep them in their garage for ten years or so without a scintilla of interest in what they showed?

Then we have the Roswell guys getting involved. Another story: why and how?

There are a plethora of stories in this slides mess, all inter-related or seemingly so.

And the possibility of a con job -- an Alien Autopsy-like concoction  -- seems to be a stretch , for me, at least as far as Anthony Bragalia is concerned.

I told Tony he is a prisoner of his belief in the slide body depicting an extraterrestrial or Roswell flying disk crash victim, but he stands by his belief. He’s seen the slides in fact and close up, and he has some corroborating “evidence” that allows his belief and/or faith in what the slides depict.

I’m skeptical, and he knows that.

But there are stories here, contrived stories perhaps but real stories too.

And I think we’re really at the preface of those stories, some of which I’ll keep gnawing at here, until my visitors and readers become extremely nauseous, as many are already.


Monday, February 23, 2015

A Clarification about the Kodak “alien” and its nakedness

A few fellows commented that my observation about the Kodak "alien" was not pertinent, but Loki gets it.

First off, if this were a secret exhibit, for scientists and/or the military, and the Ray’s or someone stumbled upon it or were invited to a viewing, one would not expect the genital area to be covered, unless Hilda Ray was considered too sensitive to see sexual parts of an extraterrestrial.

But if it were an open exhibit, we might expect the genital area to be hidden to assuage public sensibilities.

Then if the “being” was on display as an example of something special, one would see accompanying elements – clothing, uniform, and other noteworthy accoutrements: The Tutankhamun exhibit of that famous pharaoh or Lenin’s tomb and showing in Moscow, where artifacts associated with such dignitaries were (and are) included.

If the Kodak “being” was a body from the alleged Roswell crash, but only displayed for medical or scientific reasons, one might understand that only the eviscerated body would be displayed, but not with the genitalia covered. (Forensic professionals, the military, or scientists from various disciplines would not be prohibited from viewing sensitive areas of the body,)

If the “being” is a display of a being in final distress and displayed for others to view, such as the Elephant Man was, then the genitalia would, very likely, be hidden or covered.

The detail of the missing outer garments of the being is pertinent, just as it was for the caveman found in the Alps, 1991:

"Ötzi's clothes were sophisticated. He wore a cloak made of woven grass and a coat, a belt, a pair of leggings, a loincloth and shoes, all made of leather of different skins. He also wore a bearskin cap with a leather chin strap. The shoes were waterproof and wide, seemingly designed for walking across the snow; they were constructed using bearskin for the soles, deer hide for the top panels, and a netting made of tree bark. Soft grass went around the foot and in the shoe and functioned like modern socks. The coat, belt, leggings and loincloth were constructed of vertical strips of leather sewn together with sinew. His belt had a pouch sewn to it that contained a cache of useful items: a scraper, drill, flint flake, bone awl and a dried fungus.
The shoes have since been reproduced by a Czech academic, who said that "because the shoes are actually quite complex, I'm convinced that even 5,300 years ago, people had the equivalent of a cobbler who made shoes for other people". The reproductions were found to constitute such excellent footwear that it was reported that a Czech company offered to purchase the rights to sell them.
However, a more recent hypothesis by British archaeologist Jacqui Wood says that Ötzi's "shoes" were actually the upper part of snowshoes. According to this theory, the item currently interpreted as part of a "backpack" is actually the wood frame and netting of one snowshoe and animal hide to cover the face." [Wikipedia]

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Forbidden Planet: Forbidden UFOs

Watching TCM's presentation of the 1956 movie, Forbidden Planet, one has to recognize that the creators of the film had a grasp of what an extraterrestrial culture might be like: The Krell

The Krell, who died out 200,000 years earlier in the film's scenario, had a culture derived from millennia of technical, artistic advances.
An advanced race of beings, who traverse the galaxy (or universe) would not be, if we understand intelligence and evolution of species (no matter from where) correctly, frail beings traveling in frail craft, subject to failure, as Roswell believers have it.

The idea of a crashed flying disk is ludicrous on the face of it.

But, for the sake of argument, let's assume that lightning or some other unexpected Earthian surprise brought down a space-traveling craft and its crew.

Would the crew not have accoutrements of an advanced kind, artifacts too futuristic to be understood by those recovering their downed ship?
Is there any evidence of such artifacts -- and I'm not talking about the prosaic items Corso provided in his book? None have shown up in any overt, obvious way (a support of CDA's argument about how crazy it is to think science and scientists would keep a Roswell alien crash secret, all these years).

The problem with UFOs and Roswell is that the indications and reports by alleged witnesses are too mundane to support an advanced race of extraterrestrial travelers.

(Moreover, the Earth, as I keep noting, is too insignificant to attract a space-traveling species: the galaxy and universe itself have more, many more, interesting places to visit, despite our desire to see ourselves as a special creation on a special planet.)


The Kodachrome "being" -- where are its clothing?

The allleged alien, depicted in the controversial Kodachorme slides, is exhibited without apparel, or "space taveling gear."

Are we to suppose that extraterrestrial travelers, especially those witnessed, or exhibited as the Kodak slides being is, arrive on a strange planet, devoid of protection against weather or unknown biologic hazards as germs, radiation, et cetera?

That aside, why is the Kodak "being" provided without dress or clothing, or helmet or gloves -- apparel one would expect to be part of interplanetary travel, and exhibited if the glass enclosure is a showcase of some kind?

Was the supposed Roswell flying disc environmentally sound (equipped) to allow the crew naked presence, as they traveled the stars?

Something doesn't compute.


Airship extraterrestrials?

No, just human species.


Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Kodachrome Roswell/Alien Slides: Provenance

I found, from the original news about the so-called Roswell slides, the Bernerd/Hilda Ray connection to be interesting.

But now we learn that the slides, while ostensibly found in Hilda Ray’s home, cannot be definitely tied to Hilda or Bernerd Ray, as Kevin Randle also notes at his blog.

Circumstantially, one can assume (and the operative word is “assume”) that the slides belonged to Hilda (and Bernerd) Ray.

But that certainly doesn’t indicate that they took the photos represented in the slides, as Mr. Randle also notes.

That the woman who found the slides held them for ten years, without any scrutiny, is also troublesome.

In the art world, provenance (of a painting) is the crux of authenticity and value.

With the Kodak slides, provenance is iffy at best.

This forces the topic to what is pictured on the two slides allegedly showing a humanoid form of some kind.

While the slides may be shown to have been taken in 1947. by virtue of Kodak dating, that Roswell is the site or origination of the images on the slides is even more iffy.

From the original story-line that Bernerd Ray, a geologist on a trip with colleagues near Roswell in 1947 who stumbled upon the Roswell crash and surreptitiously took a photo of a military operation mopping up a flying disc crash with bodies, we have now moved to a scenario quite unlike that: beings showcased in a glass enclosure, already eviscerated and examined, which would not have taken place so quickly (forensically) to allow the exhibition to be dated to July or August 1947.

There are many problems with the Kodachrome story, more questions now than originally, and the fellows involved have got many more explanations ahead of them, questions I don’t think the May 5th Mexico event can answer or will answer.


Thursday, February 19, 2015

Adam Dew's TV Interview about the Kodachrome/Roswell alien slides (and a Mexico City event promo too)


Sunday, February 15, 2015

Roswell media misinformation in 1947

I found this excerpt in an archive from ten years ago, which highlighted journalistic errors (New York Times?) during the Roswell hub-bub in 1947.

The excerpt and archive may have come from a listing at David Rudiak's all-inclusive Roswell blog in 2005 or so. (I have no idea from where we got the material, and I apologize for that.)

The information is interesting, despite the egregious misspellings of names (Haut and Brazel):

Rancher Hears the Story

    Haught added the "disk" had been examined at Roswell field and forwarded to higher authorities.
    Events leading to the issuance of Haught's bulletin were pieced together as follows:  W. W. Brizzell, a rancher, found the remnants of the balloon last week. In near-by Corona, N.M., Saturday he heard about the national disk epidemic.  He decided to notify the sheriff.
    Sheriff George Wilcox relayed the information to Roswell field, where Maj. Jesse A. Marcel was assigned to investigate.  The major went to the ranch and took the collection of sticks and foil into the custody of the army.
    Newton explained the object, when rigged up, looks like a six pointed star, is silvery in appearance, and rises in the air like a kite, mounted on a 100 gram balloon.  He said a radar set is used to follow the balloon and winds aloft are charted through a triangulation process.  He added he had used similar balloons during the invasion of Okinawa to get ballistics information for heavy guns.


Saturday, February 14, 2015

The planet Mercury, close-up


John Podesta's "mea culpa" about UFOs


Nick Redfern's take on the Kodachrome slides hacker


(I have a thesis, and supporting material of who the hacker, or one of them, was and it's a person I've excoriated here, a guy who's used my previous postings for his pseudo-name: Through a Glass Darkly, the St. Paul phase that I used in a posting and which my suspicioned hacker grabbed as he had with other comments and phrases I've used.)


Madness and UFOs

There are unexplained things seen in the skies of Earth, and then there are odd incidents on the ground, associated with flying saucers or the UFO phenomenon.

The mixing of the two distinct kinds of “UFO observations” causes an irrational interpretation of both.

But one is open to physical investigation and the other is only open to psychological or neurological interpretation.

The first may be exampled by the 1952 Washington D.C. event(s) or the so-called Phoenix lights sightings or maybe the 2006 O’Hare airport sighting.

The second is exampled by the 1979 Robert Taylor episode in the Dechmont Woods area of Livingston, West Lothian, Scotland or the 1977 LaRubia incident which is detailed here:

A raft of UFO-recounted incidents that bespeak psychological or neurological maladies is noted by Rob Morphy at Mysterious Universe:

One aspect of the organic or mental disruption oriented episodes has never been looked into by UFO investigators as far as I know, and that’s the syphilitic possibility (paresis), where the “witness” may have the infection which affects the brain in varying stages, resulting in symptoms, illness, and sometimes death, as noted, inadvertently in such incidents as that of LaRubia, and causes “witnesses” to hallucinate.

One might scour UFO accounts for madness or hallucinations brought on by illnesses or brain diseases incurred by syphilis or cancer, even onset Alzheimer.

That no UFO investigator has the credentials for such evaluations, nor has taken the time to seek out colleagues who might have the expertise to look at UFO events caused by brain diseases or psychological maladies goes to the dearth of explanation for many UFO sightings listed in the literature.


Friday, February 13, 2015

Accessing The Dark Web (where UFO things you've never seen reside)


We were planted?


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Desire to Debunk and Fuck with People: The Slides Imbroglio

Pressing Adam Dew for proof of a college degree is off the mark and ridiculous.

His work is what counts not what schooling he’s had or hasn’t had.

Examine his output, and criticize that if you must.

As for Gilles Fernandez’ museum cacophony to disprove the Kodachrome slides images (or alleged “alien” pictured), that’s what Gilles does: debunk, vibrantly, anything that smacks of an attempt to show UFOs and UFO accoutrements as extraterrestrial.

Gilles is livid when it comes to an idea of ETs visiting the Earth.

His sojourns at his web-site and his visitations to UFO blogs and web-sites here are rife with incomprehensible refutations that one has to take with a grain of salt.

Gilles is not objective, nor does he have the open mind of a searcher for truth: he is a hardened skeptic who throws everything he can find at those who even suggest that UFOs might be examples of extraterrestrial visitation.

I don’t see the Kodachrome slides as evidence of a Roswell crash or an alien [ET] body, nor do I think UFOs come from galaxies far, far away.

But that doesn’t mean the idea of ET visitation is impossible; improbable for me, but not impossible.

Throwing tepid water on UFOs and now the Kodachrome slides we are dealing with is a thing that swells Gilles’ ego, nothing more.

He has been discredited by his countrymen in the past and by me and others recently for his Airship nonsense.

But I like him, and so do the UFO skeptics in the UFO community here; Gilles is funny and very French, like Monsieur Hulot.

But let’s not give him more publicity than he deserves.


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Why can't we be discussing this "alien" (in my world)